The Devil & Daniel Johnston

by Joshua Cook & The Key of Now

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I spent many a long and lonely night in remote Roslyn that fall, awake at the Kelly House working on God-knows-what, probably typewriting notes about the Jesus epic entitled "Miriam was a Party Girl..." and managing Cold War on Terror revelations in fourteen-hour phone conversations with my mother, that Osama bin-Laden was probably no longer a real person but a character played by his son Osama, Jr., at a film studio in Cairo...stage-makeup is a helluva drug...

At six in the morning I walked over to the Roslyn natural foods store that no longer resides at the corner of First Street and Washington, hungry with hunger and determined to snack on a wholesome omelet served on two paper plates. Upon finished the foodstuff I flipped the plates over, unsheathed a big black sharpie, and this is what came out: memories of several months ago, tripping the west coast with and without Ruby Skye, taking the piss wherever it was to be found, and listening to music on Devin's iPod, including DJ's signature tune "The Beatles", which caused instant teardom and inspired me to do to him what I had done to Wesley Willis years ago ....


released March 26, 2013
words & music by Joshua Cook,
all instruments and vocals performed by Joshua Cook.

cover design by Joshua Cook.

mixed and mastered by Andy Freeman.

produced by Joshua Cook.

©2013 Key of Now, Ltd. All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.



all rights reserved


Joshua Cook & The Key of Now New Orleans, Louisiana

Joshua Cook = an American troubadour and devout soundcrafter of rock'n'roll, hard R&B, deep soul, and folk-blues.

The Key of Now = a band, a vision, and the creative impulse by any other name.

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